BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh has 32,172 citizens, according to 2011 census with age above 100 years. In 2001, there were 8,431 citizens with age above 100 years.

From 2001, state population from 6,03,48,023 has risen to 7,26,26,809 in 2011.

In all, 0.04% population of the state is above 100 years age, according to census of 2011. The national percentage is 0.05%. In India, there are 6,05,778 citizens above 100 years of age.

According to 2011 census, in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh, citizens above 100 years of age are 22,321 which is 0.04% of the state population. In 2001, there were 6,338 citizens in this age group which was 0.01 % of the population of state.

In urban areas, according to 2011 census, there were 9,851 citizens above 100 years of age which is 0.05% of the population of the state. In 2001, there were 2,093 citizens in same age group. It was 0.01% of the state population.

According to 20011 census, Bhopal has highest number of citizens who have crossed 100 years of age. In all, 6.45% citizens of the population of those above 100 live in state capital. Indore is at second spot with 5.10% population. Alirajpur is at the bottom with only 0.39% citizens in this age group.

Source: Times of India (Dated 14 Nov 2014)