BHOPAL: With monsoon not advancing further in Madhya Pradesh, many cities, including Bhopal are parched despite June coming to an end. Weatherman said monsoon would take a few more days to advance in remaining parts of the state. 

Other than eastern coastal region of the state where monsoon clouds hit on June 19, only pre-monsoon showers have been witnessed on a few occasions in other areas of state, including Bhopal. Possibility of respite from sultry weather is bleak in coming days as well. 

Weather bureau officials said other than 2012 when monsoon reached Bhopal on July 4, it has never been too late for monsoon to make its entry into the city in past 14 years. The official onset date of monsoon in Bhopal is June 12. Citizens could expect mild showers due to moisture incursion and localized developments. Places that witnessed mild showers in the day include Seoni, Gwalior, Satna and Jabalpur. 

Meanwhile, the temperatures among the four main cities ranged between 38.7 degrees celsius and 24.0 degrees celsius. Maximum temperature in Bhopal on Wednesday was recorded at 38.7 degrees celsius, five degrees more than normal while minimum temperature recorded was 27.6 ( 4) degrees celsius. On the other hand, a similar weather prevailed over Indore and adjoining regions with Indore recording a maximum temperature of 36.4 ( 2) degrees celsius and a minimum of 24.0 (00) degrees celsius. 

Gwalior recorded a maximum temperature of 38.3 (00) degrees celsius and minimum at 28.9 ( 1) degrees celsius. Maximum and minimum temperatures in Jabalpur were recorded at 36.8 ( 4) degrees celsius and 27.2 ( 2) degrees celsius, respectively. 

In the forecast for Thursday, weatherman said there could be showers in some isolated parts of the state while dry weather would dominate majority of areas.

Source: Times of India (Dated 26 Jun 2014)