BHOPAL: A month after World Health Organization found Gwalior as one of the top four polluted cities of the world, the 2013-14 data of the state's pollution control board also substantiates this claim.

Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board, which monitored vehicles across the state, found Gwalior leading other cities in MP with 23% diesel and 6.9% petrol vehicles emitting pollutants above permissible limits. Head office of road transport department is also situated in Gwalior. "The board sends data on vehicular pollution to the state transport department, but no action is taken. And the level of pollution remains the same," said activist Ajay Dubey.

Official records of MPPCB show that around 25,000 vehicles were monitored in last fiscal and of this nearly 1500 were found emitting pollutants above permissible limits.

Gwalior is followed by Jabalpur where 10% of 1,312 petrol vehicles and 8.4% of 785 diesel vehicles were found emitting above permissible limits. In Bhopal, 3.3 % of 1,618 petrol vehicles and 13.1 % of 199 vehicles emitted excessive pollutants.

In Indore, 1% of 1,358 petrol vehicles and 37.7 % of 204 diesel vehicles crossed the legal limit. monitoring of the situation in cities worldwide.

Source: Times of India (Dated 04 Jun 2014)