It has been observed during the last few decades that the State of Madhya Pradesh is prone to various kinds of disasters of recurrent nature. These disasters result in loss of life and property - public and private - and disrupt economic activity, besides causing immense misery and hardship to the affected population. It is felt that much of this is avoidable, or /and could be prevented and mitigated. A time has come to look at the disasters occurring in one or more parts of the State regularly, at more frequent intervals and to evolve a strategy for reducing their impact, and for giving assistance to the affected population. A timely and well-prepared action plan can save many lives and lots of property even at the time of sudden occurrence of a disaster, as the entire administrative machinery, and the community can be geared to the execution of a well laid out plan of action.

Types of Disasters
Disasters are of many types. The High Powered Committee (HPC) constituted by the Central Government has identified thirty-one disasters and grouped them in five categories. On the basis of available, data disasters frequently occurring in the State are as follows :


Each disaster has a different character and therefore requires a different plan of action for prevention and mitigation. The management plan, similarly, calls for an event specific plan for preparedness, response and recovery, though there may be some commonalities. 

Source: Relief Commissioner, Madhya Pradesh (,