BhopalIndore: In a rare wildlife surgery, a team of four veterinary doctors removed a 300 gm tumour from the mouth of a python at the Kamla Nehru zoo in Indore around 10 days back, which was publicly announced on Monday.

Dr Uttam Yadav who was part of the operating team said it was a rare surgery and it was the first time that such an operation had been done in a zoo. “We consulted a large number of experts, studied the python for over five days before the operation, which took over an hour and half. We force-fed it for 10 days and kept it under observation. Now we have put it back in its cage.” Dr Yadav said.

Due to the tumour the python was unable to eat anything and would have died had it been left untreated, the vets said. Initially, they had tried to control the tumour through medicines, but that did not work.