A Buffalo has killed a tiger cub in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, said forest officials.It is the second tiger death in MP this year. Earlier this month a ten-year old tigress died due to electrocution in Banas river area near Sanjay-Dubari Tiger Reserve in Shahdol district.

Field director Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Mridul Pathak told HT on phone that the cub was killed when a domestic buffalo punctured the belly of the cub with its horn.“On Thursday, the field staff heard some commotion in the Patipirha area of the buffer close to the Shahdol district border. They found that a tigress with its three cubs had a confrontation with a domestic buffalo. The buffalo had hit the cub with its horn due to which the five to six months cub got a deep puncture wound in its belly which finally led to its death. The postmortem has confirmed that the death occurred due to this deep wound”, he said. Pathak said the tigress and her two cubs were safe. “The father of the cubs was also in the same area when the confrontation took place. I think the mother was trying to teach her cubs hunting skills when this incident happened”, he said.This is the seventh death of a tiger in Bandhavgarh since January last year and third in last three months. In November, a male tiger T37 had jumped over a 12-foot fence and killed a 20-month-old tigress inside an enclosure in Bandhavgarh. The tigress had been shifted into the enclosure from Kothar area of the buffer zone where it had created a terror among the local villagers. In the same month, a seven years old tiger was also killed in Bandhavgarh’s Panpatha area due to electrocution.Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, located between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges in Umaria district, has one of the highest tiger densities in the country, with 85 adult tigers and more than 40 cubs. Due to this, the reserve has been witnessing incidents of man-animal conflict for the past few years, with both man and tiger getting killed or injured.In 2016, MP recorded nearly one-third of the tiger deaths in the country, the highest for any state. Of 97 tiger deaths reported in the country in 2016, the highest since 2001, 30 were reported from Madhya Pradesh, according to National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). However according to wildlife group CLAW (Conservation lenses and wildlife), there were 102 tiger deaths in the country in 2016, including 33 from MP alone.


January 27, 2017: A Buffalo kills a tiger cub in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve’s buffer.November 29, 2016: Male tiger T37 kills a 20 month old female tigress inside an enclosure in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.November 4: Carcass of a 7-year-old male tiger was found on Friday afternoon in Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve.June 17: Tiger cub dies at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve due to a territorial fight according to wildlife officials.May 19: Tiger dies in Magadhi area of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve April 10: Blue eyed tiger dies in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve due to a territorial fight February 22, 2016: Tiger dies in Umaria district on being hit by a vehicle